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Cobra Marine HG A1000 Antenna

The 18-1/2" magnet mount antenna attaches easily to the roof or trunk lid of your vehicle. Offers weather channel reception, a heavy duty braided 15-foot coaxial cable, easily transferable from vehicle to vehicle, Black Stainless Steel whip and Hardware, 26-30 MHz Frequency range.

TRAM Marine 1604 38" Pre-tuned Marine Antenna

Tram AIS/VHF 38" Pre-tuned Marine Antenna Model 1604 2.5 dBd gain no ground plane  1/2 wave side or mast mounting covers AIS (Automatic Identification System) and all marine band frequencies stainless steel whip and mount 15 ft. RG-58A/U precision cable w/ Pl-259's

Cobra Marine Floating VHF Radio HH350

Included: locking desktop charger, AC & DC adapters, spring loaded belt clip, wrist strap features: floating & submersible noise cancelling mic. 6-watt VHF USA, Canadian, & International Channels ALL NOAA channels weather alert BURP locking charger dock 3 yr. warranty detachable antenna speaker/microphone jack button lock & backlight controls rotary power/volume knob..

Cobra Marine DSC Fixed Mount VHF Radio MR F45-D

Included: over/under console C bracket, locking microphone hanger features: Class-D DSC  submersible noise cancelling mic. 1 or 25 watt VHF ALL NOAA channels weather alert 3 yr. warranty

Cobra 2-pack Walkie Talkie RX380 (32 Miles)

Included: 2 radios, 2 belt chips, 6AA NiMH Rechargeable batteries, 1 micro usb, & 1 user guide features: emergency call button call alert rechargeable batteries LED Flashlight NOAA/emergency weather radio 40 channels water resistant up to 9 hrs. runtime up to 1.5 watts  up to 32 miles range handsfree operation

Cobra 2-pack Floating Walkie Talkie ACXT1035R FLT (37 Miles)

Included: 2 radios, 2 belt chips, 6 NiMH Rechargeable batteries, 1 micro-USB dock charger, & 1 user guide features: floating & waterproof (IP67) vibr (vibration) alert rechargeable batteries LED Flashlight NOAA/emergency weather radio micro-USB dock charger up to 37 miles or 60 km range handsfree operation (VOX) note: works with other..

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