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Kenetrek Waterproofing Boot wax

The best dressing and waterproofing for all Kenetrek boots - or any other brand of boots for that matter.  Made with a combination of natural vegetable oils, beeswax, and other "special" ingredients, Kenetrek Boot Wax conditions and waterproofs the leather of your favorite boots.  It readily absorbs into any kind of..

Kenetrek Mountain Xtreme Boots Non-insulated (Medium)

Kenetrek Mountain Extreme Boots are perfect for hunting in the mountains where you may encounter deep snow, or simply need a boot that gives you the wherewithal to continue hunting no matter what. No boot is more comfortable or tougher, perfect for that high altitude. Made in Italy. 

Kenetrek Hardscrabble LT Hiker (Medium)

Perfect for hiking along rocky terrain. Suitable for summer or fall hikes equipped with leather exterior. Extreme comfort for those long hikes

Kenetrek Bridger High

Hunters and hikers can't get over how tough and featherlight these boots are and how they practically float over trails.  You'll wear them from your hunting adventure straight to a town run because you won't want to change into anything else.  Our breathable, waterproof 7-inch model gives you a "rooted..

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